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Recover Lost Data from Excel Spreadsheet via Temp Files

Repair and Recover Corrupted/Damaged XLS File

Sometimes while working with MS Excel, users face temporary data file loss condition. As Excel saves, the data in XLS/XLSX file format so there is a possibility to recover unsaved spreadsheet. It is so because that unsaved data is not totally lost but it becomes inaccessible only. MS Excel includes Auto Save and Auto Recovery alternatives to recover the unsaved Excel data. Many users face this data loss condition while working with MS Excel and search for the solutions to recover lost data from Excel spreadsheet in a hassle-free way. Power cut, sudden system shutdown, and human errors are some main causes of losing temporary files from MS Excel. Users can recover their lost content via enabling Auto Save and Auto Recovery option of MS Excel. However, many of the Excel users do not even know about this feature of MS Excel. The working of AutoSave and AutoRecover options are different is various versions of MS Excel.

So, if you are finding the solution to retrieve lost data from Excel XLS sheet via Temp Files then, stops your search now. Here in this write up, we will introduce users to some perfect manual as well as automatic solutions to resolve this issue.


Searching for Temporary File

To recover lost data from Excel file, one has to be aware of the locations of the Temp files, in different versions of Microsoft Office. Whenever a new Excel file is opened, there is a temporary file also becomes created by MS Excel in the background. Usually, this unsaved temporary file is saved in Windows Temp Directory. The location of it this directory is following:
C >> Documents and Settings >> username >> Application Data >> Microsoft This temporary file includes some different characters after the tilde ?(or one squiggly line as " ~ "). These squiggly lines and character help users in finding the unsaved temporary Excel files.

How to Enable Auto Save File in Excel

Users can enable AutoSave and AutoRecovery options of MS Excel and prevent from data loss. By default, this feature is disabled by Microsoft. Therefore, users just need to enable it first. Now, to enable this option follow the down mentioned guidelines:

  1. Launch MS Excel and click on MS Excel icon from top-left of preview pane.
  2. In this option list, click on Word options button.
  3. Now, from Word options wizard, click on Save menu.
  4. Enable Auto Recover information every and set minutes as per requirements.
  5. After that click on Ok button.

    1. Now your Excel data will save automatically within the time limit you have been set

Finding out Temporary Data Files

The AutoSave time of word documents is 10 minutes and you can change this default time via AutoSave option. We can get the automatically saved DOC files in two locations. Check the down mentioned data locations to get your temporary files:
C >> Documents >> Settings >> username >> Application Data >> Microsoft >> Word
C >> Documents >> Settings >> username >> Local Settings >> Temp
The location of temporary files is different is various versions of Excel.

Find the Temporary files in Windows 7 and Vista

C >> Users >> username >> AppData >> Local >> Microsoft >> Word
C >> Users >> username >> AppData >> Local >> Temp
If you are the one who is searching for the files used by Word then, various files looks like xxxx. Where, xxxx is a number.

Now, if you get the temporary files in the mentioned location then, open it in Notepad first. For doing this Launch your Notepad and drag and drop that file in it. Here with Notepad, you can view all the data items of your temporary file.
Note: If your Excel file is closed due to the power cut or sudden system shutdown then, you can normally recover it via re-launching MS Excel.

Finding Temporary Files in Office 2010 and Higher

To recover lost data from Excel 2010 spreasheet using Temp file method, first we have to search for the Temporary files in MS Office 2010, where they are saved. Office 2010 and its higher versions include some additional in-built options that is called Recover Unsaved Documents. You can enable it via following down-mentioned guidelines:

  1. In toolbar click on File tab
  2. Select Recent option
  3. In the bottom-left corner, there is Recover Unsaved Documents
  4. The autosaved Drafts folder will be open now
  5. Choose your data file and Open it
  6. Then save this file

We can get these unsaved files in following locations: In Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista
C >> Users >> username >> AppData >> Local >> Microsoft >> Office >> Unsaved Files In Windows XP
C >> Documents and Settings >> username >> Local Settings >> Application Data >> Microsoft >> Office >> Unsaved Files

A Trouble Free Solution to Recover Lost Data from Excel Spreadsheet via Temp Files

Finding the temporary files of Excel is a complicated task via manual method. Also, there is no surety that users can get there files in mentioned locations. Therefore, we represent a simplified technology to resolve this issue: Excel Recovery. This tool is designed to recover MS Excel data. By using this application, users can easily recover all unsaved and temporary data files from MS Excel. Via Excel Recovery software users also can recover data from corrupted Excel files in its original format.

The Bottom Line

When users perform many operations in any unsaved Excel file and lost it due to any reason then, it becomes a very annoying situation. After that, users search for various methods to recover lost data from Excel spreadsheet using Temp files. Therefore, in this article we have discussed various methods to recover temporary Excel XLS files. Manual methods are the first approach of every user but what if the manual does not works for you? Then, we recommend users: Excel Recovery tool. Via using this, it is very sure that users can retrieve temporary file easily without any hassle.